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Quartz Countertops: How to Maintain and Repair?

Quartz countertops of 93% quartz and 7% minerals is beautiful, durable, to be widely used in bathroom and kitchen countertops. For its non-porous, quartz countertops are well resistant to bacteria, stains, moisture and other damages. Quartz countertops do not require sealing and polishing, and it is easy to maintain and clean, it is the ideal choice for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

How to Maintain:

Quartz countertops require low maintenance, and you can just clean the surface with some water and soft cleaner. The quartz cleaner can be found in the supermarkets. While quartz countertops are resistant to heat and cold, you still need to get some protection for them, do not place the hot pot and cutting food directly on the surface, just get one pad or cutting board for it. If liquid such as vinegar and wine, coffee, please wipe them at once to avoid the color trace.

How to Repair:

Sine quartz stone as one the hardest countertops materials is resistant to cracking and scratch, the repairing for quartz countertops is rare. While there are some useful tips for small chips and scratches.

First of all, just clean the countertop especially the chipped area with a soft cleaner, and remove the dirt trace with a clean cloth. Using the superglue to squirt some into the chip to fill it to the top. And then allow the glue to sit for 24 hours until completely set.

White if you are trouble in the chips larger too enough, then it is better to ask a professional.

As quartz countertops are easy to maintain and clean, it has been popular choice for kitchen and bathroom design with high value and style to home.

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High Benefits from Quartz Stone Application in Home Space

Quartz stone as one engineered stone countertops materials is widely used as kitchen countetops, bathroom vanity top, tiles and flooring and anywhere in home space. Quartz stone composed of over 93% quartz volume and 7% resins and pigments, is well resistant to heat, scratch, cracking and other damages, especially with a long lifespan for home use.

Quartz stone comes in various colors, styles and classic views. Quartz stone countertops can not be underestimated in a kitchen if you have spent much time in your kitchen for cooking or hobby, for quartz surface is so easy to maintain and clean with just little water and cleaner.

What does the quartz stone you using for in your home? There are many amazing ways for you to use quartz stone in your home, have you maximize the benefits of quartz surface?

  1. The most common and basic ways is used for kitchen countertops and table top for the food preparation. Since quartz stone is non-porous and eco-friendly, you can cut the food, pepper, tomato directly on the surface, it is safe for you and the countertops.
  2. Quartz stone also looks great when used for wall cladding and flooring in a bathroom, most homeowners like it for its thickness and easy maintenance.
  3. Quartz stone also can create a luxury and high end looking for your house, especially the amazing night feel. Woke with some awesome lighting, you can do it easily to get attractive look.

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How to Polish Quartz Stone Countertops Surfaces?

Quartz stone is composed of 93% quartz volume and 7% resins and pigments, quartz stone doesn’t require sealing and polishing, while if the countertops are abused often, the shine and color will fade. Once this happens, you can polish your countertops to bring back its luster.

DIY the cleaner with one cup of vinegar for every four cups of water. And then use the vinegar solution and one cotton cloth to wipe the surface. Wipe the surface dry with a clean towel, which is good to remove any dirt on the countertops that will make micro scratches.

Wipe the stone surface in a circular motion, and apply more polish to the microfiber rag until the countertops surfaces are entirely buffed.

After the polish dry on the surface, and then buff the surface’s dried polish with one clean towel. Then you will get back the bright and shine surface finally.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Marble Countertops You Should Know

Marble stone as one natural stone has become the normal and popular material for most home remodel and commercial projects. Granite stone, quartz stone and marble stone is good to be used for interior and exterior kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. While whatever the material you choose, the material must fit your needs perfectly.

Marble stone as one natural has its own beauty for you, that is to say, ever if each marble stone comes from the same quarrying, they will not look the same. WHY is awesome to choose marble stone for kitchen countertops? Let us find out the reasons and you can make a right decision when buying.

Marble stone can undoubtedly provide the elegant appearance and classic looks for your home, the bright white is a nice color for you. Buy maybe someone doesn’t like the white for the projects, no worry, marble stone comes in variety of colors and patterns for options.

Marble stone is also good at excellent durability and resistance. If you have spent lots of time in baking and cooking, then marble countertops can be ideal for your kitchen projects, which is resistant to heat.

While not all the countertops materials will be completely bullet proof, so take the following necessary steps to prolong the life of your marble countertops.

As marble stone is soft and porous, it more tends to scratch, crack and stains. So just get some useful ways to prevent such situations. Sealing your marble countertops to enhance its resistance to liquid and other impact damages. While more importantly, how the marble countertops work for you depends on what you do to it, so the daily maintenance is essential indeed.

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Find Out the Kitchen Countertops Materials Best For You

What materials are you using for your kitchen countertops? There is no doubt that the material you choose for countertops plays a very important role for the overall surface and looking of your kitchen. Some homes like marble stone, while some likes quartz stone, what about you? While find the best material to fit your home styles and budgets. Well, today, let us get the following popular stone material for kitchen countertops.

Granite stone

Most homeowners will choose granite countertops for its great durability and beauty, granite stone can supply you a nice looking for many years. Granite stone is resistant to the damage from chipping, scratching, crack and heat. Granite stone is also highly popular for its variety of colors. While granite stone also has its own disadvantages such as the weight and price. For some kitchen decorations, before installing granite surface, the enhance of base cabinets is needed.

Marble stone

The looking of marble stone is similar to granite stone, while the marble stone is softer, which makes marble stone may be a little less durable than other stone materials. While marble stone of unique and various colors and patterns, can create you a high end and luxury home space, widely used for most home space and commercial building projects.

Engineered quartz stone

While as engineered quartz stone develops at a high speed these years, it is common to see quartz surface in most places. Quartz stone of 93% quartz and 7% resins and pigments, is of high hardness and durability. It also comes in plenty of colors for options and wide benefits for you when using. High quality quartz stone may cost you more, but what you get depends on what you paid.

As there are so many other countertops materials for option, but it is important to find the one best suitable for you, then just enjoy your kitchen space.

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Buying Quartz Kitchen Worktop for Beautiful Home Decor

Kitchen is one important place that most people will spend much time on it, so it is awesome to decorate it on nice looking. In order to get a good kitchen decoration, first of all you should make a right choice on the material, among which, quartz kitchen worktops would be classy for you.

Unlike plastic worktops, quartz kitchen worktops are elegant and durable, and heat-resistant, but that doesn’t mean that quartz surface is heat-proof, it is better for you get one pad when you want to place the hot pot on the countertop. Quartz kitchen worktops can last for a long life to provide your home timeless beauty.

When buying the quartz kitchen worktops, you should make a consideration on the height of countertops, which is decided by the cabinets size. And thickness is also important, which is various for you. So, get the right measurement, and the installation will succeed.

Sometimes, you may want a sink for your countertops, there are many sink options for you, it is recommended that you can buy the quartz sink from the supplier of quartz kitchen worktops. While the installation of sink requires making holes in the quartz countertops, so you need the prefabricated service.

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How to Care and Maintain Marble Stone Countertops?

Marble stone countertops as one calcareous stone is sensitive to the acid chemicals and solutions, so remember do not use any splash of lemon juice or acid spill on the surface, which will easily leave subtle mark on the countertops.

So, how to clean and maintain marble stone countertops? It is not hard for you to do that. Just take some warm water and soft soap mixed in one bowl, then fill a spray bottle with it, spray the countertops lightly, and then use one dry cloth to wipe it and one clean cloth dry off.

For marble flooring cleaning, you need one mop with clean rag. If you prefer to vacuum, then make sure each part of your vacuum is in good condition to protect the surface from scratching. In daily life, you can also use one mats or rugs to minimize the dust and dirt on the floors.

It is great for your marble stone countertops sealed, but that just make the surface more resistant, not proof. So it is the important thing to make sure the stain type to remove it. If it is oil-based stains, there are some good liquid cleaner recommended for you, namely household detergent, mineral spirit and acetone. While when there is coffee, tea and wine on the surface, then just wipe them immediately to avoid the marks.

Finally, if the surface has deep scratch, then you had better ask a professional for help.

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